Amazing Deals Toshiba TV Amazon Deals Newest Universal Remote Control Replace Toshiba TV Remote for All Toshiba TV Replacement for LCD LED HDTV Smart TVs Remote

Amazon Deals Newest Universal Remote Control Replace Toshiba TV Remote for All Toshiba TV Replacement for LCD LED HDTV Smart TVs Remote

Price: $12.49
(as of Jan 09,2023 17:43:41 UTC – Details)

Originally supplied with TV models: 22AV600, 22AV600U, 22AV600UZ, 22C100U, 22C1022C100, 22C10U, 22SL400, 22SL400U, 23L1350, 23L1350U, 23L1350UB, 23L2300, 23L2300U, 24L4200, 24L4200U, 24SL410, 24SL410UM, 26AV500U, 26AV502R, 26AV502R/U, 26AV502RU, 26AV502RZ, 26AV502U, 26AV52R, 26AV52U, 26C100U, 26C100U1, 26C100UM, 26C1026C100, 26C10U, 26SL400, 29L1350, 29L1350U, 32AV502R, 32AV502RZ, 32AV502U, 32AV50SU, 32AV52R, 32C10, 32C100, 32C100U, 32C100U1, 32C100U2, 32C10U, 32C110, 32C110U, 32C120, 32C120U1, 32C120U2, 32CV510, 32CV510U, 32DT1, 32DT1U, 32DT2, 32DT2U1, 32E20, 32E200, 32E200U, 32E200UM, 32FT2, 32l1300u, 32L1350, 32L1350U, 32L1400, 32L1400U, 32L1400U1, 32L1400UM, 32L2200, 32L2200U, 32L2300, 32L2300U, 32L4200, 32L4200U, 32SL400, 32SL400U, 32SL410, 32SL410U, 32SL410UM, 32SL415UM, 37AV500E, 37av500u, 37AV502R, 37AV502U, 37AV52R, 37AV52U, 37CV510, 37CV510, 37CV510U, 37E20, 37E200, 37E200U, 37RV525R, 37RV525RZ, 37RV52R, 37RV530U, 39L1350, 39L1350U, 39L1350UC, 39L22, 39L22U, 39L2300, 39L2300U, 40E20, 40E200, 40E200U, 40E200U2, 40E20U, 40E210, 40E210U, 40E210U1, 40E220, 40E220U, 40FT1, 40FT1U, 40FT2, 40FT2U1, 40G300U, 40L2200, 40L2200U, 40L2400, 40L2400U, 40L5200, 40L5200U, 40L5200U1, 40RV525R, 40RV52U, 40SL412, 40XV640U, 40XV648U, 42AV500U, 42RV530U, 42RV535U, 46/40/55S41U, 464055S41U, 46G300U, 46G300U1, 46G30U, 46G310U, 46L5200, 46L5200U, 46RV525R, 46RV525U, 46RV535U, 46RV53CU, 46SL412, 46XF550U, 46XV645U, 46XV648U, 50L1350, 50L1350U, 50L1400, 50L1400U, 50L1450, 50L1450U, 50L2200, 50L2300, 50L2300U, 50L2400, 50L2400U, 50L5200, 50L5200U, 52RV530U, 52RV535U, 52RV53U, 52XF550U, 52XV645U, 52XV648U, 55G300U, 55G310, 55HT1, 55S41, 55S41U, 55SL412, 55SL412UB, 58L1350, 58L1350U, 58L1350UB, 65HT2, 65HT2UB

Compatible with TV models: 26AV615DB, 37RV635D, 42XV540U, 46XV540U, 52XV540U, 75011034

Shell Material: ABS
Package Weight: 70(g)
Battery Required:
AAA x 2 (Not Included)
Remote Range: More than 8 Meters

FULL FUNCTIONS,Replacement for Toshiba CT-90325,Fits with various Toshiba brand models,It is compatible with most of new and old Toshiba TV. Support almost all Toshiba LCD/ LED Smart TV.Not for fire TV!!!!!
This Item uses two AAA batteries(Batteries not included). Please put new batteries inside.
Same Style,Without programming or pairing required. Put the batteries inside and it will be works,No other Settings are required,100% Fully compatible. work with most of models.
Shipping from amazon’s us warehouse, you can receive your package within 2-3 days.
If you have any questions after receiving the remote control, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with timely and high-quality service.

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