Amazing Deals Toshiba TV Amazon Deals Universal Remote Control for Toshiba TVs Replacement Remote for All Toshiba LCD LED 3D HDTV 4K UHD Smart TV Remotes

Amazon Deals Universal Remote Control for Toshiba TVs Replacement Remote for All Toshiba LCD LED 3D HDTV 4K UHD Smart TV Remotes

Price: $9.99
(as of Jan 19,2023 08:05:56 UTC – Details)

Replacement for the Toshiba TV remote control
This remote controller for Toshiba TVs is very portable,and it easy to master and not easy to slide.

Replacement remote for CT-90325 compatible with Toshiba TV models:
19AV600U 19C10U 19C100U 19SL400 19SL400U 22AV600 22AV600U 22AV600UZ 22C10U 22C100U 22SL400 22SL400U
23L1350U 23L2300U 24SL410U 26C10U 26C100U 26SL400U 29L1350 29L1350U 32C10U 32C100U 32C100U1 32C100UM
32C110 32DT1U 32DT2U 32DT2UL 32E200U 32L1300 32L1300U 32L2400U 32E200UM 32L1300UA 32L1350 32L1350U
32L2300U 32SL400 32SL400U 37E200U 39L22U 39L1350U 39L2300U 40E200U 40E200UM 40E200U1 40FT1U 40L1400UC
40L2400 40L2400U 40L5200U1 46L5200U1 50L1350 50L1350U 50L1400UC 50L1450 50L2300U 50L2400 50L2400U
50L2400UC 50L5200U1 50M2U 55HT1U 32SL410U 32C110U 40E210U 46G310U 55G310U 40E200 40E200U 40E200U2
40SL412U 46SL412U 55SL412U 19AV600UZ 32C100U2 40E200U2 40SL412U 55SL412U 40E20 40E200 32FT2U 55S41U
26C100U1 40E20U1 55G310U1 32DT2U1 40FT2U 40FT2U1 32SL400VPK 65HT2U 32C100U2 19SL410U 19AV600 19C1D
19C100 22C10 22C100 26C10 26C100 26C100UM 26SL400 32C10 32C100 32DT1 32E20U 32E200 37E20U 37E200 40E20
40E20U 40E200 40FT1 55HT1 40SL412 19SL410U 32C120U 50L2200U 19L4200 19L4200U 24L4200 24L4200U 32L4200
32L4200U 40L2200U 40L5200 40L5200U 46L5200 46L5200U 50L2200 32C120 40E220 40E220U 24SL410UM 32SL410UM
40SL412UM 32L2200U 50L5200 50L5200U 32SL400VPKU 19C1DU 19SL410X 40E210X 40FT2UX 58L1350U 32L1400
32L1400U 40L1400 40L1400U 50L1400 50L1400U 50L1450U 23L1350UC 23L1400UC 23L2300UC 29L1350UC 32L1350UC
32L1400UC 32L1460UC 32L2300UC 32L2400UC 39L1350UC 39L2300UC 40L1460UC 50L1350UC 50L1460UC 50L2300UC
50L5300UC 58L1350UC 26AV615DB, 37RV635D, 42XV540U, 46XV540U, 52XV540U, 75011034 and more TOSHIBA TV.

Shell Material: ABS
Package Weight: 82(g)
Battery Required: AA x 2 (Not Included)
Remote Range: More than 8 Meters

1.Applicable various Toshiba brand TV models,It is compatible with most of new and older toshiba TV. Support most of Toshiba LCD LED 3D HDTV 4K UHD Smart TVs. (42SL700A, 32SL700A, 26SL700A, 22SL700A, 39L22U, 40L5200U, 50L5200U, 32L1350U, 32C120U1, 39L1350U and more)Not for fire TV!!!!!
2.CT-90325 replacement remote control compatible with remote models:CT-90325,CT-90326,CT-90329,CT-8037,CT-90302,CT-90275,CT-90366 and more.
3.No pairing or programming needed,just put 2AA batteries and it can work well (Batteries are not included),No other Settings are required.
4.Long transmission distance and stable performance. Replace the damaged or older one and cover all functions of the original toshiba remote control.
5.Free exchange or return shipping! 30 days free quality warranty!If you have any questions after receiving the remote control, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with timely and high-quality service.

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